Rock Island 22 round mag MBX-P 9mm


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This is a 22 round 9mm MBX-P magazine with slide lock on last round. This mag is designed for Rock Island and Para style pistols. 

The base pad is easy to remove so cleaning your mag between stages or while on the range is an easy task. 

This magazine is compatible with all available magwells for the RIA. 

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Rock Island 22 round mag mbx-p 9mm
Written by John Paullus on Jul 10th 2022

Awesome product and good communication! Thanks

Written by Joel on Jan 19th 2022

This mag is built with exceptional quality. Feeds perfectly with RIA tac ultra. Magazines for this pistol are very hard to come by and this was a godsend.

Good RIA 1911 TAC ULTRA FS HC 9MM Mag Replacement
Written by Joe on Jun 12th 2021

I've been trying to find additional magazines for my RIA 1911 Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm with little to no success. Most stores that carry them, dont properly explain what firearm platform they are compatible with, and/or are all sold out. But Hayes Customs makes a great magazine that is compatible with the RIA 1911 Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm platform. I bought a Staccato magazine thinking that would work...nope. But Hayes Customs does. The magazine fits securely in the handgun, no issues with feeding rounds into the chamber. And on the plus side, it's a 22rd magazine vs the 17 round that the gun comes with. I put over 200 rounds through the magazine and have had no current issues with it. Definitely willing to get more of Hayes Customs magazines if I still cant find anymore for my RIA.

worth the $
Written by Jason on May 5th 2021

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Plus, as I type this you can't find factory mags for any price, anywhere. Per the included instructions, you will not be able to load this to capacity at first. The spring is strong, this is a good thing. Load it to 18 and let it sit a few days....unload and load to 19.....rinse, repeat..... Good gear.

Nearly perfect.
Written by Greg P on Mar 12th 2021

These are great magazines, hands down. Just be sure you are ready to test each of them and make sure they work in YOUR gun. I ended up having to replace two of my six due to a mag catch height issue, but the replacements work perfectly.