Hayes Custom Guns Warranty and Policies

WARRANTY: Here at Hayes Custom Guns, we want to give you confidence in us and your purchase. To do that, we offer a 2-year warranty on all services provided from the date the product was shipped. Beyond those two years, we will treat each issue on a case-by-case basis.  

Our warranty does not cover overpressure or other improperly made ammunition.

If you are experiencing an issue, please send us an email describing the problem and photos, if applicable, and we will do everything within our power to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. 


SHIPPING: All firearms must ship to a current FFL holder. We must receive a copy of the FFL before shipping a firearm. We recommend shipping firearms to us through a licensed FFL dealer.

RETURNS/CANCELLATIONS: Non-firearms items may be returned in new and unused condition within 30 days of purchase. A 10% restocking fee will applied to all returns. WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING COSTS. For example, if you purchase a $40 item that costs $8 to ship, and then return it, we will refund you the cost of the item minus 10%, so your refund amount will be $36. You will not be refunded the cost of shipping.

FIREARMS: firearm sales are FINAL once you receive your firearm. Any firearm orders canceled before completion/shipment will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee. We DO NOT ship firearms internationally. 

FFL TRANSFER FEE: $75 Use this link to pay the FFL Transfer Fee Purchasing a firearm from us:

If you are purchasing a firearm from us, we are required to send the firearm to an FFL of your choosing. (FFL fees may apply)

Sending in your (legally owned) firearms for gunsmithing services:

If you are sending in a firearm legally in your possession for gunsmithing services, you can send the firearm directly to us. Long guns can be mailed through any carrier. Concealable firearms such as handguns must be mailed through private common or contract carriers (UPS, FedEx).  Upon completion, we can send the firearm back to you directly.  Long guns will come via ground while concealable firearms (pistols) will come 2-day air. All will require adult signatures.  

PRIVACY POLICY: Hayes Custom Guns does not retain any payment information collected from our customers, and all information collected during a sale is securely processed and not released to other merchants, vendors, individuals, etc. The personally identifiable information you provide us and information about your order may be combined with additional personally identifiable information (such as demographic information and past purchase history) from our records and other sources. We also use Pixel Tags(or similar) to collect additional information regarding your browsing experience. This information will make our future marketing efforts more efficient and provide you with a more relevant and timely brand and shopping experience. This information may also be shared with our third-party service providers who assist us with our marketing efforts and with other marketers whose products or services we feel may interest you.

This Sections is taken directly from the ATF website

Transferring/Shipping/Possession of Firearms:

4. May I lawfully transfer a firearm to an individual who resides in a different State? What if the individual resides within the same State?

Under Federal law, an unlicensed individual is prohibited from transferring a firearm to an individual who does not reside in the State where the transferee resides. Generally, for a person to lawfully transfer a firearm to an unlicensed person who resides out of State, the firearm must be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) within the recipient’s State of residence. He or she may then receive the firearm from the FFL upon completion of an ATF Form 4473 and a NICS background check. More information can be obtained on the ATF website at www.atf.govand http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/unlicensed-persons.html. The GCA provides an exception from this prohibition for temporary loans or rentals of firearms for lawful sporting purposes. For example, a friend visiting you may borrow a firearm from you to go hunting. Another exception is provided for transfers of firearms to nonresidents to carry out a lawful bequest or acquisition by intestate succession. This exception would authorize the transfer of a firearm to a nonresident who inherits a firearm under a will or by State law upon death of the owner. See 18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(5)(A).

In regard to transferring firearms between individuals residing in the same state, any person may sell a firearm to an unlicensed resident of the State where he resides as long as he or she does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law. Please note that there may be State and local laws that regulate firearm transactions. Any person considering acquiring or transferring a firearm should contact his or her State Attorney General’s Office to inquire about the laws and possible State or local firearms restrictions. A list of State Attorney General contact numbers may be found athttp://www.naag.org/.

5. May I lawfully ship a firearm to myself in a different State?

Any person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in the care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any other lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner of the firearm “in the care of” the out-of-State resident. Upon reaching its destination, persons other than the owner of the firearm must not open the package or take possession of the firearm. The out-of-State resident is encouraged to place the package in a safe and secure location until the owner of the firearm is available to take physical possession.

6. May I lawfully ship a firearm directly to an out-of-State licensee, or must I have a licensee in my State ship it to him? May the licensee return the firearm to me, even if the shipment is across State lines? 

Any person may ship firearms directly to a licensee in any State, with no requirement for another licensee to ship the firearm. However, handguns and other concealable firearms are not mailable through the United States Postal Service and must be shipped via private common or contract carrier (18 U.S.C. § 1715). The USPS and private common or contract carriers may also have additional restrictions on firearms shipments by unlicensed persons. Firearms shipped to FFLs for repair or any other lawful purpose may be returned to the person from whom received without transferring the firearm through an FFL in the recipient’s State of residence. FFLs may also return a replacement firearm of the same kind and type to the person from whom received (18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(2)(A)). An ATF Form 4473 is required for the return of the firearm, except in instances when a firearm is delivered to a licensee for the sole purpose of repair or customizing, and the same firearm or a replacement firearm is returned to the person from whom received (27 CFR § 478.124(a)).

7. What age must a person be to purchase a firearm from an FFL? Do those requirements apply when purchasing from other non-licensees?

It is unlawful for any Federal firearms licensee (FFL) to sell or deliver any firearm or ammunition to anyone he knows or has reasonable cause to believe is less than eighteen years of age. It is unlawful for an FFL to sell or deliver a firearm other than a rifle or shotgun or ammunition for a firearm other than a rifle or shotgun to any individual who he knows or has reasonable cause to believe is less than 21 years of age. See 18 U.S.C. § 922(b)(1).

However, an unlicensed individual may sell or transfer any firearm to an individual over the age of 18 who resides in the same State, provided that he does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law.

Please note that there may be State laws that prohibit the possession of firearms, including handguns, by an individual who is under 21 years of age. You should contact your State’s Attorney General Office to inquire about the laws and possible restrictions in your State concerning possession of firearms. A list of State Attorney General Offices may be found athttp://www.naag.org/.