Gen 1 Extended Link Mag Release Button

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This product requires a drilled and tapped mag catch. We offer that service HERE

The extended link button allows the shooter to engage the magazine release without breaking their grip.  This button is angled and beveled for a more comfortable feel and comes with a 4/40 and 5/40 screws, black finish

1911/2011 style pistols

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Mag release button
Written by James on Jun 11th 2024

Make magazine release much easier for my short thumb.

Mag release button
Written by Roger Shin on May 22nd 2024

I’ve used several versions in the past and this is by far the best so far. Well thought out design. Thanks

Good for those with smaller hands
Written by Ken on Apr 17th 2024

Still have to break my grip slightly but a much easier reach with this extended mag release button. The angle helps blend the button towards the grip and away from my support hand. A little pricey but effective.

Mag release
Written by Jim Davidson on Apr 11th 2024

My right hand is crippled with arthritis and this mag release extension allows me a reasonable shot at releasing a magazine without shifting my grip on my Staccato P. Worth the money.

Extended mag release
Written by Joe c on Apr 10th 2024

As with anything Hayes very good quality would buy again

Extended Link Mag Release Butto
Written by Sonny on Mar 30th 2024

Excellent product and customer service very fast shipping, would buy again in the near future…..

Mag buttons
Written by Tyler on Nov 18th 2023

Transaction was super smooth. Shipping was fast. Communication/customer service was top tier.

Extended Mag Release Button -Black
Written by Mario on Nov 11th 2023

Great product, very good customer experience ,this guys a great company, I definitely recommend them and will buy again!

Extended Mag Button
Written by Charles on Nov 5th 2023

This part is great quality and fit and finish is great. I have put this Extended Mag Release Button on 3 of my competition 2011|1911 Double-Stack pistols and it mags mag changes on the clock much faster! Great Product .

Extended Link Mag Release Button, Excellent
Written by Huey on Sep 6th 2023

I was searching everywhere for a mag release that had a pinch of 'offset' for my 2011 pistol. I tried buttons and such only to realize when gripping the pistol I would, on occasion dump the mag. This release button lies low enough not to allow that scenario to happen. I am now able to reach the button without having to dramatically shift my grip. Two thumbs up on the little unit!

Xtended Mag release
Written by John Ramirez on Jul 19th 2023

great product. Looking around to upgrade my 2011 and I couldn't be more happier with this product over all quality is great and design is perfect.

Mag Release
Written by Greg on Mar 11th 2023

Love it. East reach. Love the angle, it dosnt get in the way of my support hand! Highly recommended!!! Looks great on my Athena. Greg in Texas

Offset Mag Release Button
Written by YouAskedMe on Jan 29th 2023

Worked perfectly. Installed it on my MPA/DS9. Highly recommend for looks and function. Shipping was good.

Easier and faster reloads
Written by Delfino on Jan 27th 2023

This product is a game changer. Simple, genius design with the angled extension improved my reload speeds by .1-.2 secs. Mainly because I no longer have to re-grip the gun. In reality, it may save seconds on a stage as sometimes with re-gripping, your index point is affected for the remaining rounds in the loaded mag. I highly recommend this product!

Excellent Mag Release for smaller hands
Written by Black Flag, LLC on Jun 22nd 2022

I do not have very big hands and this makes combat reloads on my BUL SAS II TAC 4.25 COMP soooooo much easier. Saves me .75 seconds!

Rock island
Written by Michael Gomez on Feb 18th 2021

Was excited to order but unfortunately on my ria 1911 it's not a direct bolt on part , it will need some modification.

Gold extended link Mag release button
Written by Christian Morales on Aug 31st 2020

Great product! Fit my upper palm really well without any accidental Mag release, using a Bul Armory stainless grip, highly recommended product for anybody out there on the same grip or of any I assume. I wished their 2 set of screws that come along will be more longer thanks.

Extended Link Mag Release button
Written by Donald Diaz on Aug 2nd 2020

Installed on Atlas Titan. This mag button is by far the best button I have installed on my gun. No accidental mag drops. Doesn’t touch the grip. Simple and functional.

Mag release
Written by Caleb on Jul 21st 2020

This is the best mag release button I’ve used. It sets very nice out of the way but Wright their when you need it. I love every product these guys carry and you will not be disappointed!!

Best 2011 Mag Release
Written by DJ on Jul 17th 2020

This mag release is very comfortable, compared to some others I have tried. I would recommend this for any 2011

Mag release button
Written by JW on Jun 29th 2020

Perfect size for my thumb. Easy positioning. Great design and strong material. Decreased mag change time in competition. Perfect for my hands, so bought 2 more to back up my back up.

Best Mag Button
Written by Andrew Knight on Apr 16th 2020

I have tried several mag release extenders for the 2011 platform and the Hayes Custom is the certainly the best. In my opinion, the deciding factor is sloping edge as it allows for easy thumb contact without breaking the grip while not digging into the support hand while firing. Never have any accidental mag releases while gripping or drawing/holstering. Another nice thing is that there is no set direction so while you need to account for a slight rotation while tightening, you can fully customize alignment which is handy for fitting into holsters or adjusting for your specific grip to avoid support hand contact. Highly recommended!

Perfect size
Written by Matthew L Turner on Nov 12th 2019

This extended mag release was the perfect size for me. I have large hands that still needed a very slight reach on my Honcho. Ordered this extended mag release to meet that need. It gives you that extra little reach without being in the way to accidently bumped during competition, causing the mag to land on the ground during the course of fire. I would highly recommend.