Beretta 1301 Competition Package


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The Beretta 1301 Comp is a very popular choice among action shotgun shooters from international IPSC competition to American 3-gun. We take the reliable and fast cycling 1301 platform and improve it where it needs improvement the most: the loading port. We open the loading port higher and further forward than anyone else, and the result is a gun that loads as fast as it shoots. We modify the shell carrier (lifter) so that it stays halfway up during loading, which yields less spring resistance when loading, and provides the ability to continue loading after short-stroking a shell during reloading.

The 1301 Comp has many desirable features right out of the box, so the list of modifications we perform is shorter than with some other options. Our 1301 Competition Package includes:

  • Loading port opened and optimized for twin and quad loading.
  • HiViz Tricomp front sight.
  • Nordic Components magazine tube in capacity of your choice.
  • RCI Spring
  • HCG logo laser engraved on receiver.

Current lead time is approximately 20 weeks. 

This package is for customer supplied guns ONLY! Does NOT include the Beretta 1301 Comp

Once we are able to source the Beretta 1301 again, we will add the option to buy the package and the shotgun directly from us. 


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Beretta 1301 Comp
Written by Colin Rice on Jan 16th 2021

This gun is absolutely gorgeous. I showed up to my first 3 gun competition and pull out this beauty. One of the top shooters comes over and asks me if this was a Hayes. So thank you For at least making me look like a pro.