VR80 Level 2 Competition Package - Customer Supplied Gun

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THIS PACKAGE IS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPLIED GUNS ONLY. We will offer new guns as they become available. 

Current lead time is 4.5 - 5 months. 

This is a Rock Island VR80 that has been completely worked over by Hayes Custom Guns. 

This shotgun is purpose built for 3gun competition. Hayes Custom Guns has designed this shotgun to be user friendly and a joy to shoot. The innovative mid barrel compensator allows for easy access to the choke tubes. This eliminates the need for a choke tube wrench. This shotgun also features the rear bolt assembly removal mod. This allows the bolt assembly to be easily removed from the rear of the gun much like an AR15. No longer will you you have to remove the entire front of the guns just to clean it!

This shotgun is designed to shoot the following ammo:

  • 2 3/4 inch 1200 to 1250 FPS AA shells

Standard features

  • Rear bolt assembly removal mod
  • Mid barrel compensator (no choke tube wrench required to change chokes)
  • Custom thread protector
  • Stroked receiver and buffer system
  • Smooth and polish feed ramp
  • extended ejector (2 3/4 shells only)
  • Magpul K2grip
  • Blending of grip area, hand guard, and controls 
  • Removal of bolt release tab
  • Double star ACE stock
  • ELF Pro VR80 trigger. (Tuned by Hayes) Crisp 3lb pull weight. 
  • Black cerakote finish 
  • Two 5 rd mags included. 
  • Hayes Custom oversized charging handle
  • Anti-walk trigger pin system for elftmann trigger

Optional features

  • Ergo Grip TACT DLX
  • Odinworks Zulu 2.0 Adjustable Stock Kit
  • Carlson Choke 3 gun choke set