VR80 Level 1 Competition Package - Customer Supplied Gun

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THIS PACKAGE IS FOR CUSTOMER SUPPLIED GUNS ONLY. We will offer new guns as they become available. 

Current lead time is 4.5 - 5 months. 

Level 1 Tune includes:

  • Mid-barrel comp
  • Port barrel
  • New ejector
  • Throat and polish chamber
  • Commercial buffer tube
  • Flat wire recoil spring
  • Tune and function check
  • Test fire with 1 1/8oz 1200FPS shells 

Mid barrel comp will only work on standard short hand guard 

If you don't send in, or your gun didn't come with a short hand guard retainer nut (shown in second photo), we will modify your barrel shroud to work.

This package does not come with the Hayes Custom Guns logo

The stock Rock Island buffer tube has a commercial spec outer diameter but proprietary inner diameter.  There for we must replace it with a standard commercial buffer tube in order to install the aftermarket flat wire buffer spring.