VR80 combo magazine hanger system

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This magazine hanger system allows the user a lot of flexibility in how they hold magazines. 

The standard option includes the two pieces that clamp around the magazine, and one standard belt hanger. 

The ELS option includes the standard hanger as well as one ELS male clip that allows for a more secure fit. The ELS prevents the magazine from swinging side to side when running and jumping. The ELS fork can be mounted two ways. The first will hold the magazine pretty close to vertical. The second position will hold the magazine on a bit of an angle. 

The ELS fork has been modified so there is no "locking in" of the ELS fork. The magazine can be pulled out of the ELS clip with no resistance. 

Both the standard hanger and the ELS can be mounted on either side of the magazine to accommodate both left and right handed shooters. 

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