Gen 5 - King Competition 28 round shotgun shell holder - RIGHT HAND

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The King Competition generation 5 shell holder design holds shotgun shells by magnet tension and has a self leveling base module. This means it is no longer necessary to screw adjust the bottom plate for different height shells. The floating base module is tensioned with a spring, and you can use a variety of shells without having to care about setting up your rig during competition, or training day.

The innovative design is made to counter all the issues found in traditional competition shell holders. The MSH-KING shell holder provides very good retention, eliminating the shell movement and shell tilt. The retention is increased from generation 3 and 4 designs due to the improved design of the top and base module. When the shells are detached from the magnets, the optimal shell release can be done almost directly upwards, towards to your shotgun loading port. The release is very short and easy, and will not require you to pull your shells with unnecessary force. The lower shells will release with minimum effort when the top shells are detached from the magnets. This will give the user a unbroken, tight and correctly staggered shell package every time. As fast as you can load your tube, your gear will not be the limit.
Shells are staggered and spaced with minimum distance to each other. Users with smaller hands will find the shell holder easier to use for load4-technique. Because of this staggered shell layout, left hand and right hand loaders need different holder types. Users with larger hands will benefit from the wide spacing between the top and base module (the channel for your hand). Also the design has minimum extruding parts, that might snag you or break during a match, or in the range bag. Because of the top and base pusher design, there is no risk of tilting inside the other shells with the palm your hand while reloading.
The generation 5 design is truly uniform, you can mix load-2 and load-4 (or load-6..) to your stage strategy. The positioning of the next shells will always be exactly the same in the rig.
The shell holder will self adjust to any shell type. User can also fine adjust the spring tension (screw #4)  and lower link height (#3). The adjustments are helpful if extremely long or short shells are used, or user wishes to tune the spring tension.
- Cartridge maximum distance to backing plate mounting face: 57mm (add belt thickness for total distance to body).
- Mounts with hook and loop, or M6-screws, adapters available for belt mounting
- Maximum storage temperature +80°C
Includes the holder, a additional link, screws and washers for mounting through belt from the backside of the holder. Does not include (front side) belt mounting adapters or hook and loop, these can be purchased separately.