3 Gun Hard case

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Hayes Custom Guns Rolling 3 Gun Case

  • Outer: 44.65" x 16.42" x 6.14" Inner: 41.97" x 13.50" x 5.47"
  • Weight 18.6lbs
  • IP67 Water Proof, Shock Proof, and Dust Proof.
  • Pressure equalization valve including 3 layers of foam padding: 2 customized closed cell foam layers, and 1 top soft layer.
  • Lockable Fittings TSA Approved.
  • Compatible pistols: HC Rock Islands, Hayes Cobra Series, Hayes Custom 5" guns, as well as many other standard 5" 2011s without Optic
  • Fits most AR-15 Platforms up to 18" barrel with up to 12" optics
  • Fits Benelli M2 with up to a 28" barrel with a +12 Tube Extension 
  • Cut for 5 Pistol double stack magazines
  • Cut for 5 45RD AR-15 Pmags
  • Option to have your name custom engraved on the card along with our logo for an additional charge ("Custom made for John Doe") 

Top Layer holds:

        AR-15 w/ optic, Custom 5" Pistol without optic, 5 Pistol mags, 2-AR-15 45RD mags, and oil bottle

Bottom Layer holds:

        Benelli M2 with up to a 28" barrel and a +12 tube, Tube Spring, Charging Handle, Chokes and 3-AR-15 45RD mags


*** When selecting the custom engraving option, be sure to double check your spelling.  Whatever is enter into the text box is what will be engraved on the card.***

*** If you would like the case to fit a optic with you pistol please put it n the comment section when you checkout.***

*** Please note: It will be about roughly 10 days for date of purchase before the item to be shipped out.***


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