Rock Island 9mm With HCG package plus

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In stock and ready to ship. Rock Island 9mm with our HCG package plus more.  

This is an excellent pistol for competition or just having fun. The all steel grip/frame make the Rock Island pistols some of the softest shooting double stack 1911's on the market. Combine the soft shooting with a great trigger pull and you have a gun that is a joy to shoot.  


  • -Dimple slide stop
  • -Correct feed ramp angle
  • -Throat & polish feed ramp and chamber
  • -Crown barrel
  • -Tune new EGW HD extractor. Tune ejector if needed.
  • -Check BTGS engagement and adjust if needed 
  • -Cut frame so MBX-P mags won't stick or over insert
  • -Install front strap grip tape
  • -Trigger job using factory trigger group (3 lb trigger pull)
  • -Under cut trigger guard
  • -Dehorn Thumb Safety and Refinish
  • -Dawson sights (LPA style rear sight)
  • -HCG Slide cuts with DLC finish
  • Hayes Ext mag release button 
  • Wilson Combat single side extended wide thumb safety
  • Competition aluminum magwell
  • One Remington 18 round mag