Rock Island 40 Pro Match w/ HCG

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Rock Island Armory 40 S&W Pro Match

HCG Package

  • -Dimple slide stop
  • -Correct feed ramp angle
  • -Throat & polish feed ramp and chamber
  • -Crown barrel
  • -Tune new extractor. Tune ejector if needed.
  • -Check BTGS engagement and adjust if needed
  • -Tune one Mec-Gar mag 
  • -Cut frame so MBX-P mags won't stick or over insert
  • -Install front strap grip tape
  • -Trigger job using factory trigger group (3-3.5lb trigger pull)
  • -Under cut trigger guard
  • -Dehorn Thumb Safety and Refinish
  • -Dawson sights
  • -HCG Slide cuts with DLC finish
  • (This package includes the Hayes Custom Guns logo engraved on the slide)

TiN (Titanium Nitride GOLD) barrel

3 Additional Remington magazines (4 mags total 1 19rd, 3 20rd)

4 Taylor freelance base pads