RIA Reliability Package - for customer supplied gun

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  • -Dimple slide stop
  • -Correct feed ramp angle
  • -Throat & polish feed ramp and chamber
  • -Crown barrel
  • -Tune new extractor. Tune ejector if needed.
  • -Check BTGS engagement and adjust if needed
  • -Tune one Mec-Gar mag 
  • -Cut frame so MBX-P mags won't stick or over insert

We can perform this service on all Rock Island pistols with barrel lengths of 4" or more.

10mm pistols will incur a $50 surcharge due to the cost of ammunition needed to test fire the pistol.

NOTE: firearm sales are FINAL once you receive your firearm. Any firearm orders cancelled before completion/shipment will be subject to a 15% cancellation fee.