Custom Rock Island Carry Comp w/ Leupold Delta Point Pro

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For those that love the 1911 platform but want to carry more than 10 rounds this is the answer.  Using the rare Rock Island 51943 TAC Ultra MS HC as the base platform we build a truly one of a kind carry comp for the 1911 enthusiast.  The build list is as follows;

  • Rock Island 51943 TAC Ultra MS HC - 9mm
  • Race Ready Package 
    • -Dimple slide stop
    • -Correct feed ramp angle
    • -Throat & polish feed ramp and chamber
    • -Crown barrel
    • -Tune (new Dawson) extractor. Tune ejector if needed.
    • -Check BTGS engagement and adjust if needed
    • -Tune one Mec-Gar mag  
    • -Cut frame so MBX-P mags won't stick or over insert
    • -Trigger job using factory parts (approximately 3lb pull weight)
    • -Dehorn Thumb and Grip Safety and Refinish
    • -Grip tape front strap
    • -Cut grip safety so it doesn't touch sear spring
    • -Loctite trigger set screw
    • -Remove lip on slide stop, for easy assembly
  • Slide cut down 1/4" to keep overall length shorter after adding compensator 
  • Custom Threaded KKM barrel
  • Custom EGW barrel compensator
  • Frame cut for Bobtail 
  • New Bobtail mainspring housing 
  • Katana style top serrations
  • Custom front serrations to match factory rear serrations 
  • Slide milled for red dot
  • HCG red dot mount plate
  • Leupold Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA red dot 
  • Compensator milled for front dove tail front sight 
  • Co-witness sights included (not installed)
  • Tri-tone DLC color scheme ( Silver frame and slide, Rose Gold barrel trigger hammer, Black controls)